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Things You've Been Hit In The Head With * A tomato. Unfortunately in a can.
* A chicken
* A golf club
* Another head
* A horseshoe. Yes it did hurt. I had a shaved head at the time.
* Metal bar on t-bar ski lift. (After I had fallen down and been run over by 3 skiers using me as a speed bump.)
* A paper airplane with its tail set on fire and covered with glue. My hair was nearly all burned off.
* My husband head-butted me in the middle of the night while he was still asleep. He didn't have a clue what he had done it until in the morning when he said that his head hurt. I then told him what he had done.

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   Things You've Been Hit In The Head With

* A burnt refrigerator biscuit - As a newlywed, I forgot about the biscuits in the oven for dinner. I remembered them when the oven started to smoke. The biscuits looked like hockey pucks. My husband started laughing really hard, so I threw one at him. He ducked and it put a dent in the wall. He tossed it back to me and it hit me in the chin.
* Pregnancy
* I duct taped PEZ dispensers to my ceiling and they soon fell on me in the middle of the night. They hurt more than I had expected them to.
* When I was a kid my friend and I got into a fight, and he hit me on the head with his fist. Then he fell down in extreme pain. He had forgotten that he had just had a cast taken off his arm that morning. He broke his wrist in the same place.
* while fishing my cousin caught a rather large bass and whacked me in the head with it. I couldn't get the smell out for a few days.
* Car
* A frying pan! My youngest daughter started watching that Dinosaurs show!
* My computer monitor (Editor - probably fell asleep reading The Stupid Page)
* Mini Blinds (and they broke when they hit me in the head!!!)
* A bee at 80 mph. Moral - never ride at speed with your helmet visor up.
* My brother once hit me over the head with a portable oven!

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