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New Year Wish May your good health be confirmed by your dentist, gastro-endocrinologist, urologist, gynacologist, psychologist, optician, fortune-teller, and may your physiotherapist, chiropractor, therapist, witch-doctor and your slimming clinic tell you that you don't have to come anymore.

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   New Year Wish

May your doctor know where to start and may your masseuse know where to stop.

May your salary, your housing subsidy, the contents of your house and all your shares increase in value, and may your blood pressure, weight, house loan, tax and cholesterol all decrease.

May all your friends remember you and may the taxman forget you exist.

May hijackers, car thieves and rapists overlook you and may your loved ones always see you.

May your walls be too high for the neighbourhood's thieves but low enough for you to hop over when you have forgotten your keys.

May you have an honest government and a dishonest beauty therapist.

May you have an intelligent President and a fool for a TV license checker.

*Lastly may the brewery never close their doors.*

*Happy NEW YEAR*

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