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Crap sentence examples These word usage examples below have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historical usage.

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   Crap sentence examples

* The thought of carrying on alone scares the crap out of me too.
* It's idiotic, poorly done, not funny, boring or in plain words - utter crap.
* Crap outta him.
* Her husband steven roulette craps and tampering with a awarded to lucky.
* She never came near him unless she intended to beat the crap out of him.
* Oh holy crap, this mammoth posting is just getting ridiculous.. .
* Crap joke of the month )!

* That's a bit crap - i don't want to have to pay £ 20 just to charge from a wall plug.
* The great players don't go around kicking the crap out of people.
* I won't clutter this up with pointless crap like " wow, my site now uses ajax: you don't care!
* Crap arrest, protest.. .
* Then you can attempt to cut the crap without directly curbing the freedom of the press.
* There is also a flying mission which i found to be absolute crap!
* Crap excuse.
* Crap talked about these cars.
* This band is a total failure, pure crap.
* Crap politician stuck in some kind of religious role, churning out lines like a stuck record.
* I ate so much crap i'm suprised i didn't get worse than i did.
* No one really knows... i'll probably just watch the usual crap on tv or read about the upcoming demise of leeds united.
* Crap weather.
* He's just talking shit.
* That poem has got to be the shittiest thing I've ever written.
* I don't think much of John Howard, but Simon Crean is nothing but a whiny little shitslinger
* Do you really think my hair looks good, or were you just giving me shit?
* The pasta was okay, but the coffee was shithouse.
* That piece of shit hasn't worked properly for years.
* Give me a break, I've had a really shitty day.
* He's been a grumpy little shit lately.
* I wonder if anybody makes shittier burgers than McDonalds?
* Quit fooling around with that shit.
* You'd better not mess your shit up with my shit.
* You know how that shit works. You do dumb shit!
* Shit! That shit is some bad shit.
* Jeff, that PowerPoint presentation was utter horseshit.
* You wouldn't be bullshitting me by any chance would you?
* Well, the fire alarm went off and then everybody just kinda went apeshit.
* This lamer was too chickenshit to go bungee jumping with me on the weekend.
* After I hit the pub on Friday night, I was so ratshit I couldn't make it up the stairs!

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