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New Florida State Mottoes 10. "Florida: We're... um... We'll Get Back to You on Our Slogan as Soon as Possible"
9. "Florida: It's Not the Size of the State That Matters, It's How You Use It."
8. "Florida: No Comprende Numeros"
7. "Florida: WE'RE NUMBER ONE!... Wait, Recount"

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   New Florida State Mottoes

6. "Florida: This is What You Get for Taking Elian Away From Us"
5. "Florida: We're Sorry for All the Stupid Old People."
4. "Florida: What comes after 17,311?"
3. "Florida: We Don't Just Cheat in Football"
2. "Florida: We put the 'gator' in 'Election-Tampering Investigator.'"
1. "Florida: Don't Poll Us, We'll Pole You"

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