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Top Ten Chapter Titles Top Ten Chapter Titles in George W. Bush's Autobiography
November 15, 1999 - by David Letterman

10. "'Nice To See You, Too': Things To Say To A World Leader WhoseName You Can't Remember"
9. "1971-1990: The Naked Years"
8. "'I'm A Go-Getter' and 'Compassionate Conservatism': The Art of theMeaningless Phrase"
7. Chapter 3 -- "I Love Cocaine"

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   Top Ten Chapter Titles

6. Chapter 4 -- "I Deny There Was a Chapter Called 'I Love Cocaine'"
5. "Ideas: I'll Have Some By The End of My Second Term"
4. "Growing Up With a Mother Who Looks Like That Quaker Oats Guy"
3. "Check It Out! My Dad Ralphed On Some Chinese Dude!"
2. "My Proposal For Revitalizing... Dude, I Just Totally Forgot What IWas Saying"
1 "Yee Haw! I's Gonna Be Pars'dent!"

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