Laws of Applied Confusion: (laws) 1. The one piece that the plant forgot to ship is the one that supports 75% of the balance of the shipment.
Corollary: Not only did the plant forget to ship it, 50% of the time they haven't even made it.
2. Truck deliveries that normally take one day will take five when you are waiting for the truck.
3. After adding two weeks to the schedule for unexpected delays, add two more for the unexpected, unexpected delays.
4. In any structure, pick out the one piece that should not be mismarked and expect the plant to cross you up.
1. In any group of pieces with the same erection mark on it, one should not have that mark on it.
2. It will not be discovered until you try to put it where the mark says it's supposed to go.
3. Never argue with the fabricating plant about an error. The inspection prints are all checked off, even to the holes that aren't there.