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Glossary I  Ice:  To dream of ice, betokens much distress, and evil-minded personswill seek to injure you in your best work.
To see ice floating in a stream of clear water, denotes that your happinesswill be interrupted by ill-tempered and jealous friends.
To dream that you walk on ice, you risk much solid comfort and respectfor evanescent joys.
For a young woman to walk on ice, is a warning that only a thinveil hides her from shame.
To see icicles on the eaves of houses, denotes misery and want of comfort.
Ill health is foreboded.
To see icicles on the fence, denotes suffering bodily and mentally.
To see them on trees, despondent hopes will grow gloomier.
To see them on evergreens, a bright future will be overcast with the shadowof doubtful honors.
To dream that you make ice, you will make a failure of your lifethrough egotism and selfishness.
Eating ice, foretells sickness.
If you drink ice-water, you will bringill health from dissipation.
Bathing in ice-water, anticipated pleasures will be interruptedwith an unforeseen event.

 Ice Cream:  To dream that you are eating ice cream, foretells youwill have happy success in affairs already undertaken.
To see children eating it, denotes prosperity and happinesswill attend you most favorably.
For a young woman to upset her ice cream in the presenceof her lover or friend, denotes she will be flirted withbecause of her unkindness to others.
To see sour ice cream,denotes some unexpected trouble will interfere with your pleasures.
If it is melted, your anticipated pleasure will reach stagnationbefore it is realized.

 Icicles:  To see icicles falling from trees, denotes that some distinctive misfortune,or trouble, will soon vanish.
- See Ice.

 Ideal:  For a young woman to dream of meeting her ideal,foretells a season of uninterrupted pleasure and contentment.
For a bachelor to dream of meeting his ideal, denotes he willsoon experience a favorable change in his affairs.

 Idiot:  Idiots in a dream, foretells disagreements and losses.
To dream that you are an idiot, you will feel humiliated and downcastover the miscarriage of plans.
To see idiotic children, denotes affliction and unhappy changes in life.

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 Idle:  If you dream of being idle, you will fail to accomplish your designs.
To see your friends in idleness, you will hear of some trouble affecting them.
For a young woman to dream that she is leading an idle existence,she will fall into bad habits, and is likely to marry a shiftless man.

 Idols:  Should you dream of worshiping idols, you will make slow progress to wealthor fame, as you will let petty things tyrannize over you.
To break idols, signifies a strong mastery over self, and no workwill deter you in your upward rise to positions of honor.
To see others worshiping idols, great differences will rise upbetween you and warm friends.
To dream that you are denouncing idolatry, great distinctionis in store for you through your understanding of the naturalinclinations of the human mind.

 Illness:  For a woman to dream of her own illness, foretells that some unforeseenevent will throw her into a frenzy of despair by causing her to misssome anticipated visit or entertainment.
- See Sickness.

 Illumination:  If you see strange and weird illuminations in your dreams,you will meet with disappointments and failures on every hand.
Illuminated faces, indicate unsettled business, both private and official.
To see the heavens illuminated, with the moon in all her weirdness,unnatural stars and a red sun, or a golden one, you may lookfor distress in its worst form.
Death, family troubles,and national upheavals will occur.
To see children in the lighted heavens, warns you to control your feelings,as irrevocable wrong may be done in a frenzy of feeling arising over seemingneglect by your dear ones.
To see illuminated human figures or animals in the heavens,denotes failure and trouble; dark clouds overshadow fortune.
To see them fall to the earth and men shoot them with guns,many troubles and obstacles will go to nought before your energyand determination to rise.
To see illuminated snakes, or any other creeping thing, enemies willsurround you, and use hellish means to overthrow you.

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 Image:  If you dream that you see images, you will have poor successin business or love.
To set up an image in your home, portends that you will be weakminded and easily led astray.
Women should be careful of theirreputation after a dream of this kind.
If the images are ugly,you will have trouble in your home.

 Imitation:  To dream of imitations, means that persons are working to deceive you.
For a young woman to dream some one is imitating her lover or herself,foretells she will be imposed upon, and will suffer for the faults of others.

 Implements:  To dream of implements, denotes unsatisfactory means of accomplishingsome work.
If the implements are broken, you will be threatened with deathor serious illness of relatives or friends, or failure n business.

 Imps:  To see imps in your dream, signifies trouble from what seemsa passing pleasure.
To dream that you are an imp, denotes that folly and vice will bringyou to poverty.

 Inauguration:  To dream of inauguration, denotes you will rise to higher position thanyou have yet enjoyed.
For a young woman to be disappointed in attendingan inauguration, predicts she will fail to obtain her wishes.

 Incantation:  To dream you are using incantations, signifies unpleasantness betweenhusband and wife, or sweethearts.
To hear others repeating them,implies dissembling among your friends.

 Incest:  To dream of incestuous practices, denotes you will fall from honorable places,and will also suffer loss in business.

 Incoherent:  To dream of incoherency, usually denotes extreme nervousness and excitementthrough the oppression of changing events.

 Income:  To dream of coming into the possession of your income, denotes that youmay deceive some one and cause trouble to your family and friends.
To dream that some of your family inherits an income,predicts success for you.
For a woman to dream of losing her income, signifies disappointments in life.
To dream that your income is insufficient to support you,denotes trouble to relatives or friends.
To dream of a portion of your income remaining, signifies that youwill be very successful for a short time, but you may expect morethan you receive.

 Increase:  To dream of an increase in your family, may denote failurein some of your plans, and success to another.
To dream of an increase in your business, signifies that youwill overcome existing troubles.

 Independent:  To dream that you are very independent, denotes that you have a rivalwho may do you an injustice.
To dream that you gain an independence of wealth, you may notbe so succcessful{sic} at that time as you expect, but goodresults are promised.

 India Rubber:  To dream of India rubber, denotes unfavorable changes in your affairs.
If you stretch it, you will try to establish a greater business thanyou can support.

 Indifference:  To dream of indifference, signifies pleasant companions for a very short time.
For a young woman to dream that her sweetheart is indifferent to her,signifies that he may not prove his affections in the most appropriate way.
To dream that she is indifferent to him, means that she will proveuntrue to him.

 Indigo:  To see indigo in a dream, denotes you will deceive friendlypersons in order to cheat them out of their be longings.
To see indigo water, foretells you will be involved in anugly love affair.

 Indigestion:  To dream of indigestion, indicates unhealthy and gloomy surroundings.

 Indistinct:  If in your dreams you see objects indistinctly, it portends unfaithfulnessin friendships, and uncertain dealings.

 Indulgence:  For a woman to dream of indulgence, denotes that she will not escapeunfavorable comment on her conduct.

 Industry:  To dream that you are industrious, denotes that you will be unusuallyactive in planning and working out ideas to further your interests,and that you will be successful in your undertakings.
For a lover to dream of being industriously at work, shows he will succeedin business, and that his companion will advance his position.
To see others busy, is favorable to the dreamer.

 Infants:  To dream of seeing a newly born infant, denotes pleasant surprisesare nearing you.
For a young woman to dream she has an infant,foretells she will be accused of indulgence in immoral pastime.
To see an infant swimming, portends a fortunate escapefrom some entanglement.

 Infirmary:  To dream that you leave an infirmary, denotes your escape from wilyenemies who will cause you much worry.
- See Hospital.

 Infirmities:  To dream of infirmities, denotes misfortune in love and business;enemies are not to be misunderstood, and sickness may follow.
To dream that you see others infirm, denotes that you may have varioustroubles and disappointments in business.

 Influence:  If you dream of seeking rank or advancement through the influenceof others, your desires will fail to materialize; but if youare in an influential position, your prospects will assumea bright form.
To see friends in high positions, your companions will be congenial,and you will be free from vexations.

 Inheritance:  To dream that you receive an inheritance, foretells that youwill be successful in easily obtaining your desires.
- See Estate.

 Injury:  To dream of an injury being done you, signifies that an unfortunateoccurrence will soon grieve and vex you.
- See Hurt.

 Ink:  To see ink spilled over one's clothing, many small and spitefulmeannesses will be wrought you through envy.
If a young woman sees ink, she will be slandered by a rival.
To dream that you have ink on your fingers, you will be jealousand seek to injure some one unless you exercise your better nature.
If it is red ink, you will be involved in a serious trouble.
To dream that you make ink, you will engage in a low and debasing business,and you will fall into disreputable associations.
To see bottles of ink in your dreams, indicates enemiesand unsuccessful interests.

 Ink stand:  Empty ink-stands denote that you will narrowly escape public denunciationfor some supposed injustice.
To see them filled with ink, if you are not cautious, enemies willsucceed in calumniation.

 Inn:  To dream of an inn, denotes prosperity and pleasures, if the innis commodious and well furnished.
To be at a dilapidated and ill kept inn, denotes poor success,or mournful tasks, or unhappy journeys.

 Inquest:  To dream of an inquest, foretells you will be unfortunatein your friendships.

 Inquisition:  To dream of an inquisition, bespeaks for you an endless roundof trouble and great disappointment.
If you are brought before an inquisition on a charge of wilfulness,you will be unable to defend yourself from malicious slander.

 Insane:  To dream of being insane, forebodes disastrous results to some newlyundertaken work, or ill health may work sad changes in your prospects.
To see others insane, denotes disagreeable contact with sufferingand appeals from the poverty-stricken.
The utmost care should be takenof the health after this dream.

 Inscription:  To dream you see an inscription, foretells you will shortlyreceive unpleasant communications.
If you are reading themon tombs, you will be distressed by sickness of a grave nature.
To write one, you will lose a valued friend.

 Insolvent:  If you dream that you are insolvent, you will not have to resortto this means to square yourself with the world, as your energyand pride will enable you to transact business in a fair way.
But other worries may sorely afflict you.
To dream that others are insolvent, you will meet with honestmen in your dealings, but by their frankness they may harm you.
For a young woman, it means her sweetheart will be honest and thrifty,but vexatious discords may arise in her affairs.

 Intemperance:  To dream of being intemperate in the use of your intellectual forces,you will seek after foolish knowledge fail to benefit yourself,and give pain and displeasure to your friends.
If you are intemperate in love, or other passions, you will reap diseaseor loss of fortune and esteem.
For a young woman to thus dream,she will lose a lover and incur the displeasure of close friends.

 Intercede:  To intercede for some one in your dreams, shows you will secureaid when you desire it most.

 Intermarry:  To dream of intermarrying, denotes quarrels and contentionswhich will precipitate you into trouble and loss.

 Interpreter:  To dream of an interpreter, denotes you will undertake affairswhich will fail in profit.

 Intestine:  To dream of seeing intestines, signifies you are about to bevisited by a grave calamity, which will remove some friend.
To see your own intestines, denotes grave situations areclosing around you; sickness of a nature to affect youin your daily communications with others threatens you.
Probable loss, with much displeasure, is also denoted.
If you think you lay them upon something, which turnsout to be a radiator, and they begin to grow hot and makeyou very uncomfortable, and you ask others to assist you,and they refuse, it foretells unexpected calamity, which willprobably come in the form of a desperate illness or a misfortunefor which you will be censured by those formerly your friends.
You may have trouble in extricating yourself froman unpromising predicament.

 Intoxication:  To dream of intoxication, denotes that you are cultivating your desiresfor illicit pleasures.
- See Drunk.

 Inundation:  To dream of seeing cities or country submerged in dark, seething waters,denotes great misfortune and loss of life through some dreadful calamity.
To see human beings swept away in an inundation, portends bereavementsand despair, making life gloomy and unprofitable.
To see a large area inundated with clear water, denotes profit and easeafter seemingly hopeless struggles with fortune.
- See Food.

 Invalid:  To dream of invalids, is a sign of displeasing companions interferingwith your interest.
To think you are one, portends you are threatenedwith displeasing circumstances.

 Invective:  To dream of using invectives, warns you of passionate outbursts of anger,which may estrange you from close companions.
To hear others using them, enemies are closing you in to apparentwrong and deceits.

 Inventor:  To dream of an inventor, foretells you will soon achievesome unique work which will add honor to your name.
To dream that you are inventing something, or feel interestedin some invention, denotes you will aspire to fortune and willbe successful in your designs.

 Invite:  To dream that you invite persons to visit you, denotes that someunpleasant event is near, and will cause worry and excitementin your otherwise pleasant surroundings.
If you are invited to make a visit, you will receive sad news.
For a woman to dream that she is invited to attend a party,she will have pleasant anticipations, but ill luck will mar them.

 Iron:  To dream of iron, is a harsh omen of distress.
To feel an iron weight bearing you down, signifies mental perplexitiesand material losses.
To strike with iron, denotes selfishness and cruelty to thosedependent upon you.
To dream that you manufacture iron, denotes that you will useunjust means to accumulate wealth.
To sell iron, you will have doubtful success, and your friendswill not be of noble character.
To see old, rusty iron, signifies poverty and disappointment.
To dream that the price of iron goes down, you will realize that fortuneis a very unsafe factor in your life.
If iron advances, you will see a gleam of hope in a dark prospectus.
To see red-hot iron in your dreams, denotes failure for youby misapplied energy.

 Ironing:  To dream of ironing, denotes domestic comforts and orderly business.
If a woman dreams that she burns her hands while ironing,it foretells she will have illness or jealousy to disturb her peace.
If she scorches the clothes, she will have a rival who will causeher much displeasure and suspicions.
If the irons seem too cold,she will lack affection in her home.

 Island:  To dream that you are on an island in a clear stream,signifies pleasant journeys and fortunate enterprises.
To a woman, this omens a happy marriage.
A barren island, indicates forfeiture of happiness andmoney through intemperance.
To see an island, denotes comfort and easy circumstances after muchstriving and worrying to meet honorable obligations.
To see people on an island, denotes a struggle to raise yourself higherin prominent circles.

 Itch:  To see persons with the itch, and you endeavor to escape contact,you will stand in fear of distressing results when your endeavorswill bring pleasant success.
If you dream you have the itch yourself, you will be harshly used,and will defend yourself by incriminating others.
For a young womanto have this dream, omens she will fall into dissolute companionship.
To dream that you itch, denotes unpleasant avocations.

 Ivory:  To dream of ivory, is favorable to the fortune of the dreamer.
To see huge pieces of ivory being carried, denotes financialsuccess and pleasures unalloyed.

 Ivy:  To dream of seeing ivy growing on trees or houses, predicts excellenthealth and increase of fortune.
Innumerable joys will succeed this dream.
To a young woman, it augurs many prized distinctions.
If she sees ivyclinging to the wall in the moonlight, she will have clandestine meetingswith young men.
Withered ivy, denotes broken engagements and sadness.
To see a jackdaw, denotes ill health and quarrels.
To catch one, you will outwit enemies.
To kill one, you will come into possession of disputed property.

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