GigglePEDIA Being the victim of a hoax sucks. GigglePEDIA has a collection of hoaxes that scammers are playing on the Internet.This section is dedicated to promoting knowledge about such hoaxes. They may seem funny but very harmful if taken seriously. So watch out!
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Indians Swiss Bank Deposits  There is email floating around with below text:

Indians are poor but India is not a poor country'. Says one of the swiss bank directors. He says that '280 lac crore' of Indian money is deposited in swiss banks which can be used for "tax less" budget for 30 yrs. Can give 60 crore jobs to all Indians. From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads. Forever free power supply to more than 500 social projects. Every citizen can get monthly 2000/- for 60 yrs. No need of World Bank & IMF loan. Think how our money is blocked by rich politicians. We have full right against corrupt politicians. Itna forward karo ki pura INDIA padhe.Take this seriously, we can forward jokes, then why not this? Lets Be a responsible citizen. Thanks!!

At the first sight, it seems convincing but if arithmetic is done with these big numbers. The result is following:

1. The mail says the amount of money is 280 lac crore which is equal to 28 X 10000000000000 = 2.8 X 10^14 rupees

2. India's estimated tax revenue (Click here) for 2009-2010 budget was = 474218 crore = 4742180000000 rupees = 4.74 X 10^12 rupees

3. For 30 years the tax revenue would be equal to 4.74 X 30 X 10^12 rupees = 1.4 X 10^14 rupees. Which is obviously half of the money deposited. Now, if the claimed amount is correct we should run 60 years, not 30 years.

4. One statement made in the mail is that "The amount of money 280 lac crore can provide 60 crore jobs to all Indians". It is not sure what is the kind of job, salary per month etc.

As per the 2001, Census data (Click here) the population of India was 1028737436 and the projected population (Click here) for the year 2010 is 1173108000.

Considering the present population, if 60 crore jobs given to all Indians that will result to 6 X 10^8 X 1.2 X 10^ 9 = 7.2 X 10^17 jobs.

In that case each person will get a salary of rupees (2.8 X 10^14)/(7.2 X 10^17) = Much less than 1 paisa, that is also for one time.

5. The mail further claims that every citizen can get monthly 2000/- for 60 yrs. equals to 1.2 X 10^9 X 2000 X 12 X 60 = 172.8 X 10^13 = 1.7 X 10^15 rupees Whereas the claimed amount is only 2.8 X 10^14. Ten times less than the required amount.

6. This year June (2010), World Banks total lending to India touched 9.3 billion US dollar (Click here). However, India has taken no financial support from IMF from 1991. And at present has no outstanding purchases and loans from IMF (Click here).

7. The claims made in the mail like 'From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads' and ' Forever free power supply to more than 500 social projects' is not clear to me.

The intention of this post is to aware the readers that there are some mails which contains inconsistent data and would be a hoax mail. There are various important issues, implicit in the mails, that we need to consider but for that we should have authentic data otherwise we will be trapped in our emotional web. There are lots of reliable information scattered around us, and we have to search for those reliable data only.

These kinds of mails has some emotional appeal and whenever we receive we start sending the mails in bulk to all our friends. I think sometimes it is better to stop and think.

There are issues, we have to discuss and that need to be informed discourse.

MMF Virus Hoax  This hoax started life as a misguided attempt to combat chainletters promoting pyramid schemes.

Pyramid scheme chainletters often have subjects like "Make money fast" or "Easy cash", so the message tries to dissuade people from forwarding or even reading these chainletters by claiming that they contain a virus.

Although the consequences of participating in such pyramid schemes can be very unpleasant, the messages do not generally contain any nasty attachments.

As always, the best way to protect yourself against on-line threats is by keeping your software and anti-virus program up-to-date and by not opening any unsolicited attachments.

Please pass this on
Blue Mountain Cards virus hoax  Blue Mountain Cards is a small email greeting-card service which for the past couple of years has been plagued by the persistent rumor that its greeting cards contain a nasty virus and should not be opened.

This simply isn't true. The email-based greetings sent by Blue Mountain are quite safe.

It is important to note, however, that the on-line greeting card industry has recently been targeted by spoof messages pretending to have been sent by a legitimate greeting card website.

So, if you receive an electronic greeting card, here are a few ways to make sure you're not being duped:

- The card usually mentions the name of the person who sent it. If there's no name or you dont

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