GigglePEDIA Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go. Below are some words that have either been lost in time, or are very seldom used. They all look and sound a bit weird, which also makes them fun!

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Glossary B  Bablatrice:  A female babbler. /Chaterestre/ is another name for talkative woman. And, /leighster /is a female liar.

 Badot:  Means silly.

 Baithe:  To agree or consent.

 Balbutiate:  To stutter or stammer.

 Bangstry:  Masterful violence.

 Barla-fumble:  A wrestling term which means to call for a time out while playing.

 Barnumize:  To advertise or promote with outlandish claims. Think of P.T. Barnum.

 Batie-bummil:  A useless bungler. Obsolete Scottish word.

 Batta:  Extra pay; overtime wages.

 Battologist:  Someone who repeats the same thing needlessly.

 Beldam:  Originally it meant a grandmother. But this has now evolved to mean any old, ugly woman.

 Bematist:  An official road surveyor in the time of Alexander the Great. It comes from the Greek word meaning "to measure by paces."

 Bever:  A snack between meals.

 Blaguer:  A person who talks pretentiously.

 Blandiose:  Adjective describing something that wants to be grand (or has pretentious grandeur) but is only bland.

 Blesiloquent:  To speak with a lisp or a stammer.

 Blive:  Means immediately or right away. I guess this is like "chop chop" in the old days? Instead it's "blive! blive!" ?

 Bloncket:  Refers to a color that's gray or a light, blue-ish gray.

 Blottesque:  A painting style that is defined as having heavy brushstrokes or blots, which are not finely done.

 Bloviate:  To speak in a pompous or overbearing way.

 Boeotian:  Dull (as in personality)

 Bogglish:  To be uncertain, doubtful or a wee bit skittish about something.

 Bombilation:  A sound that is like a droning, buzzing or humming.

 Bouquinist:  A person who deals in second-hand books. Today, we'd call him a Used Book Salesman.

 Brume:  A poetic term meaning mist or fog.

 Bubulcitate:  It means to cry like a cowboy (whatever that is suppose to mean!)

 Bucculent:  Wide-mouthed.

 Bullimong:  Cattle feed that consists of many grains all mixed up.

 Bumbledom:  Behavior such as pettiness, fussiness, pomposity, arrogance and inefficiency by minor officials.

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