GigglePEDIA Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go. Below are some words that have either been lost in time, or are very seldom used. They all look and sound a bit weird, which also makes them fun!

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Glossary M  Macilent:  Adjective meaning thin (as in weight) and lacking in substance (as in value); it is good for giving ambiguous compliments.

 Mackabroin:  An old hag.

 Macroseism:  Earthquake.

 Magirology:  The science of cooking. So, a magirist is an excellent cook.

 Malist:  Someone who feels that this world is just bad, not the worst or terrible place, but, nevertheless, still pretty bad.

 Mammothrept:  A spoiled child.

 Marcesible:  Adjective meaning likely to fade or wither.

 Meliturgy:  Honey-making or bee-keeping. (From Greek)

 Mesonoxian:  Pertains to midnight.

 Milce-witter:  Adjective meaning "knowing mercy."

 Misogynist:  A person who hates women.

 Mogigraphia:  Writer's Cramp!

 Moirologist:  Someone who has been hired to mourn at a funeral.

 Morate:  Moral; respectable; good manners.

 Monarsenous:  This means having one male for several females. It is used more in the area of zoological content. It can also apply to an unbalanced number at a dinner party or at dances.

 Monkeys Wedding:  A South African term meaning when you have a wedding that has both sunshine and rain. Portuguese call is a Vixens Wedding.

 Motatorious:  In constant motion

 Mournival:  A term used to represent a set of 4 kings, queens, jacks or aces in one card hand. Or, it means any set of four things or people.

 Mucronate:  Adjective meaning coming to a hard, sharp point.

 Muculency:  Acting very snotty.

 Mundation:  The act of cleaning or the state of being clean.

 Mungo:  A person who retrieves valuables from the garbage. Today we call them a "dumpster diver."

 Murgeon:  Grimaces

 Musophobist:  A person who doesn't like poetry and is suspicious of it.

 Mussitation:  To mutter or murmur.

 Mututatial:  Something that is borrowed. (rare)

 Mycterism:  A sneer; a taunting.

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