GigglePEDIA Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go. Below are some words that have either been lost in time, or are very seldom used. They all look and sound a bit weird, which also makes them fun!

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Glossary P  Paddereen:  A rosary bead. (Irish word)

 Palestral:  Pertains to wrestling.

 Pampination:  To trim vines.

 Pandiculation:  The stretching of one's body that often accompanies yawning.

 Parergon:  Secondary work or business, separate from your main work or ordinary job. A synonym for moonlighting. From Greek roots for "beside" and "work."

 Parrhesia:  Boldness of speech or Asking for forgiveness before speaking boldly.

 Partouse:  Slang for orgy.

 Passiuncle:  A petty or contemptible passion.

 Pax Romana:  An uneasy peace, especially when imposed by a powerful group or country on a weaker one.

 Pedinomite:  One who lives on a plain.

 Peenge:  The act of complaining in a whiny voice.

 Pedotrophy:  The bringing up or raising of children. British spell it /paedotrophy/.

 Pelf:  wealth.

 Pelmatogram:  Footprint.

 Peramene:  Very pleasant.

 Percribrate:  To sift.

 Perculsion:  A real severe shock.

 Percunctorily:  Lazy

 Perhendinancer:  A traveler, lodger

 Perissology:  Redundancy of speech. From Greek word meaning "speaking too much."

 Petrichor:  After a dry spell, this is the nice smell that comes after it rains finally.

 Phenakism:  Deception, Trick, Cheating

 Philocomal:  Adjective for either love of hair or attention to the hair. Example: Browielocks is philocomal about her big, brown hair."

 Philopolemical:  Loving to fight.

 Philoxenist:  Someone who loves to entertain strangers in their home.

 Phlyarologist:  A person who talks gibberish or nonsense.

 Pilgarlic:  A bald person; or a person who is held in humorous contempt or treated with mock pity. Word means peeled garlic.

 Pilliver:  A pillowcase.

 Pinguescence:  The process of growing fat; obesity. (rare word)

 Piscation:  Fishing.

 Plevisable:  A legal term which means "able to be bailed out."

 Plongeur:  A hotel dishwasher.

 Pluviculture:  The science of making rain; or schemes for inducing rain.

 Pococurantish:  Careless or indifferent.

 Pogey:  Unemployment or Welfare Benefit (Canadian word).

 Pollinctor:  A person who prepares a dead body for cremation or embalming. From Latin meaning "to wash a corpse." Today we say undertaker.

 Polydipsia:  Having abnormal thirst.

 Polyhistor:  A well-educated person; widely learned.

 Possident:  A possessor; one who owns something.

 Pregustator:  A person whose job it is to taste meats and drinks before serving them.

 Pronk:  A weak or foolish person.

 Prothalamion:  A wedding celebration song.

 Prufrockian:  A personality type that is timid and indecisive and full of unfulfilled aspirations.

 Psilosopher:  A person with a petty or shallow philosophy.

 Pulveratricious:  Means dust-colored.

 Pyknic:  Means a person who is stocky with a rounded body and head, thick trunk and a tendency to fat.

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