GigglePEDIA Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go. Below are some words that have either been lost in time, or are very seldom used. They all look and sound a bit weird, which also makes them fun!

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Glossary S  Sabaism:  To worship the stars.

 Salami Technique:  An old term for embezzlement where small amounts of money are put under a fake ID and transferred out of many customer's accounts into that one fake ID account.

 Salebrosity:  Uneven roughness.

 Samentale:  Agreement

 Sandapile:  Coffin

 Sanquinolency:  Being addicted to bloodshed.

 Saponaceous:  A soapy, slippery, evasive individual.

 Sardanapalian:  Luxuriously effeminate.

 Sansculotte:  A revolutionary (no matter what the cause) who has extreme views.

 Satisdiction:  Saying enough!

 Savernapron:  A table napkin.

 Scacchic:  Having to do with Chess.

 Scamander:  To wander about.

 Scevity:  Bad luck.

 Scibility:  The power of knowing. From Latin word meaning "able to know."

 Scofflaw:  Someone who contemptuously breaks the law, especially a law that's difficult to enforce.

 Scopperloit:  Rude or rough play; playtime.

 Scrimshandrix:  A woman who makes scrimshaw. A male is Scrimshander.

 Scriniary:  Archivist

 Scripophily:  The collecting of stocks and bond certificates, not as an investment, but as works of art.

 Scrippage:  Your baggage and personal belongings.

 Selcouth:  Adjective meaning unfamiliar, rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful.

 Semiopathy:  The tendency to read humorously inappropriate meanings into signs. Example: Wet Paint (so the person tosses water on it).

 Sengilbond:  Any encircling band.

 Seplasiary:  A perfumer.

 Sermocination:  An irritating rhetorical device where a speaker asks a question and then immediately answers it himself! Variants are sermonicator (male) and sermocinatrix (female) for speakers.

 Shamal:  The name of the hot, dry, north-westerly wind blowing across the Persian Gulf. Usually causes sandstorms.

 Shoful:  Counterfeit money.

 Sitooterie:  A summerhouse or gazebo; or an out-of-the-way corner to sit with your partner during a dance.

 Slangrel:  A long, lean thing or person.

 Slidikins!:  An exclamation meaning "By God's eyelids." I think this is the old way of saying, "As God is my witness."?

 Snollygoster:  A dishonest politician, especially shrewd or calculating.

 Spartle:  To thrash around (body actions).

 Spawling:  Spitting.

 Spumescene:  foaminess; frothiness

 Squassation:  A severe shaking.

 Squintifego:  A person who squints a lot.

 Sprachgefuhl:  A sensitivity to what is correct as far as a language is concerned. You have an ear for appropriate language.

 Steganography:  The art of secret writing; cryptography. The word is now means to hide secret data by encoding it electronically in another, innocuous file.

 Stellionate:  A legal term meaning fraud committed in making contracts, especially involving selling the same thing (or rights to the same thing) to different people, often which isn't even owned by the person who is selling this to begin with. An example is selling shares in a company you don't own or plots of land.

 Stenotopic:  When someone (or something) is able to tolerate only a certain type of habitat, or restricted range of ecological conditions. Example: Think of "Monk" who likes very sterile environments. ;)

 Sternutation:  The act of sneezing or a sneeze.

 Stoop-gallant:  A disease or illness.

 Subumber:  To shelter.

 Sudorific:  To cause perspiration.

 Superbious:  Adjective meaning proud and overbearing.

 Supputation:  The act of computing or calculating.

 Surfle:  A face wash or cosmetic.

 Sursaut:  Means "all of a sudden" as a noun. Or, to attack suddenly as a verb.

 Sybarite:  A person who is devoted to the life of luxury and sensual pleasure.

 Sycophant:  An informer. Could also mean a slanderer.

 Swartrutter:  An old word that represented a mercenary soldier that would dress in all black and would paint his face black as well.

 Swasivious:  An adj. that referred to being agreeable persuasive.

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