GigglePEDIA Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go. Below are some words that have either been lost in time, or are very seldom used. They all look and sound a bit weird, which also makes them fun!

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Glossary W  Wabbit:  (Scottish) Means exhausted or slightly unwell. Not what Elmer Fudd calls Buggs Bunny!

 Wahala:  Inconvenience; a fuss, trouble.

 Weddinger:  A wedding guest.

 Whelve:  To turn something over and hide something underneath; to bury something.

 Whistness:  Hush; hist; (onomatopoeic sounds)

 Widdendream:  (Scottish) Means being in a state of confusion or mental disturbance.

 Widdiful:  Someone who deserves to be hanged.

 Wifthing:  (Obsolete) Means to have sexual intercourse or a wedding.

 Windlestraw:  A person who is tall, thin and un-healthy looking.

 Winebibber:  A person who habitually drinks a lot of alcohol. Today we just say this person is an alcoholic.

 Woofits:  An unwell feeling, especially a headache; a moody depression.

 Worble:  (Scottish) Means to wriggle or wallow.

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