GigglePEDIA Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go. Below are some words that have either been lost in time, or are very seldom used. They all look and sound a bit weird, which also makes them fun!

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Glossary Y  Yaffle:  A green woodpecker

 Yaply:  Hungrily, very eagerly.

 Yemeles:  Careless; negligent.

 Yepsen:  When you cup your hands to form a dish; or to drink some water.

 Yesterang:  Something that was caught (or taken) yesterday.

 Yestreen:  Yesterday evening.

 Yisel:  A hostage.

 Youf:  A bark that is muffled.

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