How To RUn Away

GigglePEDIA Are you looking for more information about how to run away from animals, people or things? Hilarious, isn't? Here you will find information on the options you have, when you are fleeing from such things. Don't take it seriously, you may already have natural instinct to escape!
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Dog Normally a dog is faster than a person (unless its fat) that's why running away from a dog is really hard.

Dogs cant climb up trees...So all you have to do is to sprint up to a tree, and climb it...that's if the dog doesn't catch up to you before reaching a tree.

In an event were there are no trees you will just have to run until you see one. or climb up something else.

Normally what will happen is that the dog will catch up to you and eat you(if its fat and wants to be fatter)

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