GigglePEDIA This section has some short funny skits scripts which you can use for any social party, school functions or for office fun. There is also information on the cast you will need for those humrous performances. If you are not organising these event, still you will find these skits as great jokes. Also see Fun Filled Party Games!!
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 He Said He's Met You Before!
 Bat Man
 Coke Commercial
 Contagious Ward Skit
 Cupid Skit
 Dirty Socks/Laundry Detergent
 Doctor's Office
 Foreign Exchange Student
 Good Morning
 Hallway Skit
 JC Penny
Fun Filled Party Games!!
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 Impressions Of An Administrator
 Junior Class Play
 King Ooga Booga
 Pizza Guy
 Silly Skits
 The Wrong Kind of Prayer
 Water Shortage
 Doctor's Clinic Skit
 Date Skit
 Shoe Psychic Skit
 Infantry Skit
 Water Skit
 7-Up Camp Skit
 A Big Jerk
 Airplane Disaster
 Ants Marching
 Anything for a Sale!!
 Artistic Genius
 Attention Attention!
 Balloon Orchestra
 Bandana Instructor
 Bean Skit
 Big Game Hunting
 Blue Trolls or Rough Riders
 Bubble Gum Skit
 Bucket Freeze
 Bumble Bee Skit
 Candy Shop
 Caterpillar Skit
 Chicken Farmer
 Clothing Shop
 Comb Your Hair!
 You Don't Say
 Come See The Monster!
 Cool and Creamy
 Crying Skit
 Dancing Zebras
 Did You See That?
 Dirty Dishes
 Do That Moo That You Do So Well
 Do You Have It?
 Doctor Doctor
 Drinking Cola
 Duck Food
 Elevator Riders
 Energy Saver
 Enlarging Machine
 Firing Squad
 First Date
 Fluff & Jelly Skit
 Fly Swatter
 Foreign Exchange Student
 Four Leaf Clover
 Fruit of the Loom
 Good Looking Horse
 Good News and Bad News
 Great Swami or the Fortune Teller
 Grecian Fountains
 Hairy Hamburger
 Hiccup for Me
 Horse Race
 How A Counselor Goes to the Toilet
 Hunting Thanksgiving Dinner
 Ice Fishing
 Igor's Brain Sale
 Important Papers
 Invisible Bench
 Is It Time For Japutcha?
 Is it time yet?
 Jailhouse Comedian
 JC Penny
 Lancaster Bomber
 Lemonade from Sydney
 Lion, Tiger, Bear, OH PIE!

 Listen at the Wall
 Lost Item Around Campfire
 Mad Reporter
 Making Eggs
 Military Genius
 Mixed Up Magic
 Musical Genius
 Nuts the Amazing Performing Elephant
 Offensive Bus Passenger
 Pencil Salesman
 Pie in the Face
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Fun Filled Party Games!!
 Plane Landing
 Play Ball
 Purple Pancakes
 Push a rope?
 Raisin in Cereal
 Rattle Snake
 Restaurant Minutes
 River Water
 Rock Paper Scissors Skit
 Superhero Skit
 Tastes Like Grape
 The Bravest Camper
 The Captain of the Ship
 The Caterpillar
 The Infantry
 The Make-up skit
 The Medicrin
 The Reporter and the Cliff
 The Scab
 The Weather Stick
 Three Rivers
 Toothbrush Skit
 Tree Climber
 Two Burglars
 Ugliest Monster Captured
 What Kind of Tracks Are These?
 What's up?
 What's Wrong?
 Who Sneezed?
 Wide Mouthed Frog
 World's Best Spitter
 What's Up There?
 What Did You Say?
 Doctor, Doctor Help Me!
 Bubblegum Maniac
 Where's Your Tie?
 The Candy Store
 Very Hungry Caterpillar
 Headless Horseman's Wife
 Firing Squad
 Hallway Skit #2
 100 T-Shirts
 Glee Club
 Pin the Mustache on Bieber
 Trash Can Mixer
 Energizer Bunny Run-on
 Duct Tape Man Run-on
 Axel & Smash Run-on
 Retainer Boy And The Evil Orthodontidists
 Scenes That Didn't Make Star Wars Run-On
 Creativity Test Skit
 Boys In The Sandbox Skit
 Toothpaste Commercial Skit
 Banana Bandana
 Bigger and Better Machine
 Contagious Ward Skit
 Doctor Office Skit
 Freaky Fishing
 Is It Time Yet?
 Just Because
 Motorcycle Gang
 Pass It Down
 Peanut Butter Deodorant
 Where Did You Come From?
 The Pencil Salesman
 Sex Skit
 School Pictures and New Shoes
 We Don't Have a Skit!
 Two Suckers on a Stick
 Sneak Thief Skit
 Sock Soup
 The Magic Water Trick
 The Makeup Counter

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