GigglePEDIA This section has some short funny skits scripts which you can use for any social party, school functions or for office fun. There is also information on the cast you will need for those humrous performances. If you are not organising these event, still you will find these skits as great jokes. Also see Fun Filled Party Games!!
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The scene is an emergency room at a hospital.

The nurse is totally self-absorbed, combing hair, looking in mirror etc.

A camper runs in, dressed as a skier with a pole stuck in his/her stomach (a branch could be used also for a hiker).

Patient is screaming in agony. The nurse insists that she must ask him some questions before anything can be done. The patient screams that he is losing blood.

The nurse continues asking questions such as where he lives, past illnesses, type of house, how he got there, etc.

A phone rings and a Dr. Killjoy asks the nurse out to lunch. The nurse runs off leaving the wounded man writhing on the floor. A goofy looking janitor with a broom wanders by and pulls the pole out. The patient stands up, says thanks and leaves.

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