GigglePEDIA This section has some short funny skits scripts which you can use for any social party, school functions or for office fun. There is also information on the cast you will need for those humrous performances. If you are not organising these event, still you will find these skits as great jokes. Also see Fun Filled Party Games!!
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One camper is the ring master, who presents "Nuts! The Amazing Performing Elephant!"

Two campers enter under a sheet. The first camper holding their arm out as a trunk. The second is holding a spray bottle but the audience shouldn't see this.

The ring master says "Nuts can perform all sorts of tricks! She can dance, jump and stand on two legs"

At these the elephant should do the tricks.

The compere asks "Can anyone in the audience think of a trick for Nuts?" (It is a good idea to have a few up your sleeve as the guider eg; singing, turning in a circle).

Enter a fourth camper who is the vendor. She shouts "Get your drinks, popcorn, chocolate, peanuts!"

At which point the elephant "pees" on the audience

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