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by Balle Kumar

Man: So if I drink this, I will be immortal! Guru: Yes, you will be!

Man: And this is free, I mean are you going to charge anything?

Guru: No charge, it's absolutely free!

Man: How much do I have to drink? It doesn't look that good!

Guru: The entire bottle!

Man: What if I drink a bit?

Guru: Nothing will happen! You need to drink it all!

Man: What's called?

Guru: Just drink it!

Man: I want to know the name first!

Guru: Look, I will just give it to someone else!

Man: No wait!

(He drinks it all)

Man: I feel nothing!

Guru: This will just not let you die of old age as long as you avoid alcohol

Man: Shit!! You didn't tell that before!

Guru: I forgot!

Man: You forgot to tell me that I can't drink alcohol!

Guru: Sorry!

Man: I will kill you!

Guru: I drink this daily ! You can't kill me!

Man: What will happen if I booze!

Guru: You will die that instant because of agonizing pain!

Man: Reverse it! It's too big a prize for immortality!

Guru: That can't be done!

Man: You mean there is no antidote!

Guru: None

Man: I can get you all the funding, I work for medical research. They won't question me!

Guru: No, I don't have time!

Man: Look who is talking! An immortal doesn't have time!

Guru: Now go home!

Man: OK! Anything else!

Guru: Yes, please avoid oily food, spicy food, drugs, smoking and exercise an hour every day!

Man: What if I don't do it?

Guru: You will be dead in day! You absolutely need to be on the treadmill for 2 hours a day or else you are dead!

Man: Why didn't you tell me before?

Guru: You didn't ask! You were in such a hurry to cheat death!

Man: I hate you! Why did you do this to me? I will kill you!

Guru: No, you can't! Go home and relax! Be thankful that I have saved your life!

Man: I am your most obedient yoga student! Why did you do this to me?

Guru: You know it! Don't you!

Man: So Stella told you about me and her!

Guru: No I knew it when you became so good with all the postures!

Man: This is not the way to take revenge!

Guru: I have treated Stella's lovers like this for centuries!

Man: You mean even Stella is immortal!

Guru: Yes.

Man: But wait, you both drink!

Guru: This one was specially prepared for you! We can maintain any kind of life style and still live!

Man: Why don't you punish your wife?

Guru: I have a forgiving nature!

Man: I am now going to have a even more torrid affair with your wife!

Guru: Oh! Yes! Forgot to add, any attempt to have an intimate relation can lead to instant death!

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