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by Guy Benhanan

Jacob and Rebekah are sitting in a parked car moments after seeing a movie.

JACOB: That movie was sick!

REBEKAH: (furious) Shut up. Who doesn't make a move during a movie?

JACOB: I was interested in the movie.

REBEKAH: Oh (beat) so some fictitious crap

entertains you but not me?

JACOB: It was based on a true story.

A few moments of silence past.

JACOB: So um, what now.

REBEKAH: Let's kick in the backseat!

JACOB: I don't want to.

REBEKAH: Why not?

JACOB: I'm low on testosterone.

REBEKAH: What's your deal tonight?

JACOB: What's your deal today.

Another long awkward silence passes.

Jacob leans in to kiss Rebekah and Rebekah suddenly slaps Jacob in the face.

REBEKAH: Do you think I'm a slut or something?

JACOB (confused): Kiss me.



Jacob seizes the moment and goes in for the kiss and slowly closes his eyes.

FADE TO BLACK. CUT TO: Jacob making out with a pillow in the fronts seat of the car. Rebekah walks up to the car window and knocks on it. Jacob ignores it. Rebekah gets annoyed and knocks harder and Jacob jumps off the pillow and turns around. Rebekah points down telling jacob to open the window.

JACOB: How'd you get- What?- Where?-

When?- What?

REBEKAH: Jacob, you're schizophrenic.

JACOB: No I'm not. Watch. I'll prove it.

Jacob grabs the pillow and starts hooking up with it again. Rebekah's eyes open wide and her face is filled with pleasure.

REBEKAH: Wow, you're amazing.

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