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Materials:duct tape costume, stuff to break

Characters:Duct Tape Man

Wrap a jump suit, gloves, hard hat and boots in duct tape, or see Wireless One catalog for duct tape apparel. You may either have something in club "accidentally" break each week, or you can use it to sell camp.

For example, the bus ride: duct tape man can explain how tough a bus ride can be and tape an assistant to the seat, a pillow to their head to sleep, a water bottle to their mouth, headphones to their head. He could help in future weeks with other aspects of camp needing tape'car wash (hose, sponge, towel to assistant), old suitcase for packing, water skis, volleyball.

One way that it can be done is that instead of fixing anything Duct Tape Man basically comes in and destroys what ever it is he is trying to fix but leaves a ton of duct tape all over it. You can also have a leader taunt him because he doesn't actually fix anything.

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