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You will need three youth workers--one King Ooga Booga and two loyal subjects and a narrator. Cover the three youth workers with big blankets so no one can tell who they are. Set up two folding chairs about two to three feet apart, facing each other. Put two large mixing spoons in front of one chair and two in front of the other (on the floor). The narrator MUST have an engaging personality and be able to carry the crowd. He/she asks for several volunteers from the crowd (you can use any amount--two or three usually works best). The volunteers are taken into a separate room. Be sure to have a guard so they don't unwittingly venture out of the room.

The narrator then preps the crowd for the appearance of King Ooga Booga and his loyal subjects.

"We await the appearance of the great and mighty King Ooga Boogaaaaaaa!!!!!!" (The narrator explains to the group that King Ooga Booga's wrath can be stirred up very easily (really hype this up for best results). They must make him feel very welcome.)

The crowd begins to chant,

"Ooga, Booga, Ooga, Booga" (very slowly at first, then picking up speed.)

King Ooga Booga enters the room, covered with the blanket, his two loyal subjects following.

There is dead silence. At the very mention of King Ooga Booga's name, these loyal subjects tremble visibly. Each loyal subject takes his place behind one of the folding chairs. One volunteer at a time is brought out. It is explained to the volunteer that in order to avoid stirring up the wrath of King Ooga Booga, they must mimic every movement and sound he makes.

King Ooga Booga then proceeds to pick up the mixing spoons and leads the volunteer in a series of spoon banging, Ooga-Booga chanting movements (these can be different from volunteer to volunteer). This is the most hilarious part and most volunteers get really involved.

After a few minutes of this routine, King Ooga Booga suddenly screams,

"Ooga Boogaaaaaaa!!" (and slams down on his chair.)

The volunteer follows suit, screaming and slamming down on his chair as well. However, the loyal subject behind the volunteer's chair quickly puts a water-loaded sponge on the chair before the volunteer sits down. Nine times out of ten it works!!! HILARIOUS!!!

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