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Materials:costumes, directors chair

Characters:director, other Star Wars characters


There is a movie director who comes in to music each week as the steady character (this person needs to be funny). Each week they set the stage for a different scene that didn't make Star Wars. Examples:

Jabba the Hutt, trying desperately to lose weight, meets Richard Simmons.

Yoda abuses Luke by throwing things at him as he teaches Luke to Feel the Force. He gives up and decides to teach Hooked On Phonics instead.

Darth Vader as a child gets abused for his costume on the playground, choke holds a kid, and then gets sent to the principal's office. This was the beginning of his asthma problem.

Princess Lea confesses to Chewbacca that it is him she loves, not Han Solo.

A video of the making of the special effects with dolls

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