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This skit is usually used as a gag to a new counselor/staffer and can be done at a retreat/camp or really anytime. It always brings about a load of laughter.

Supplies/Props Needed:
A big wall, one that no one can see behind (neither the audience or the person for whom the gag is for)
Behind the wall, you need several people in on the joke: you'll need an announcer, and several "volunteers."
The new staffer will be the last in line of volunteers (they are not in on the joke).

Skit Description:
The announcer gets up and exclaims that he has the most marvelous invention ever made, the "Bigger and Better Machine." Throw something over the wall, and it will pop out something better! The announcer asks for volunteers, and of course only chooses those in on the gag, and the new staff person.

The first person comes up, and the announcer hands him a penny. They throw it over the wall, and a wadded up dollar is tossed back over. The person is happy and walks away.

The next "volunteer" steps up and the announcer gives him a barbie doll. He tosses it over and out from behind the wall walks a pretty girl. He says something like, "Alright!" and takes her hand and they leave.

Do several of these for each "volunteer." You can think of a bunch of things.

When it's the new counselor's turn, choose something to throw over the wall. But nothing comes back! They are baffled. The announcer looks embarrassed, like he doesn't understand. He gets mad, kicks the wall, but nothing happens. Finally, he says, "Aw, I never liked this thing anyway!" and spits on the wall. At that point, the people behind the wall dump a bucket of water on the new staffer.
Skit Idea By Mary

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