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Plot Summary: Two students begin to lie to each other, trying to 'out do' one another by exaggerating their stories to the point of ridiculous, until the truth is revealed by a third.

Main Point: Truth is very important and objective. This skit is great for use in kicking off a talk or lesson on what truth is, and how Christianity is based on truth and historical fact.

Characters: 3

Skit: School Pictures and New Shoes

(LAUREN and CAMERON enter from different sides of the stage and stop to talk to each other)

LAUREN: Hi Cameron.

CAMERON: What's up Lauren? Hey, did you get your school pictures back? Mine were horrible.

LAUREN: Yeah, mine turned out great. I think they're the best pictures I've ever had of me. Anything new with you?

CAMERON: Your best pictures ever? Wow. Well, um, I got some new basketball shoes yesterday. They're pretty awesome.

LAUREN: That's cool. Where'd you get them?

CAMERON: My mom ordered them on the internet. They're the most amazing shoes ever made.

LAUREN: Wow. Well, my school pictures were voted by the whole school to be the best pictures ever.

CAMERON: (scratches head) Gosh, I didn't get to vote. Huh. Well, my shoes were like six hundred dollars.

LAUREN: (shocked) Six hundred dollars?! Wow! Well, my pictures were sent to Sixteen magazine, and I might be on the cover next month. I'm really excited.

CAMERON: That's great, Lauren. Almost as great as my new basketball shoes. I mean, the shocks in these shoes guarantee me to jump at least seven feet in the air.

LAUREN: Gosh, that's pretty amazing. But check this out: Jennifer Aniston was at the Sixteen magazine headquarters yesterday and she saw my picture on their wall. Yeah, she invited me over and I got to hang out with her. Vince was pretty annoyed that he missed it.

CAMERON: (eyes wide) Vince Vaughn?

LAUREN: (nodding head) Uh-huh, Vince Vaughn. Yeah, I flew down there in a private jet. I think Vince has a crush on me, and he's so jealous that I only hang out with Jennifer. It was cool.

CAMERON: That is pretty cool, Lauren. Well, my sneakers have built-in laser pointers in them. And, um, my friends and I went to the park yesterday and started shining them in people's eyes and stuff. It was a lot of fun. Everyone in the park started running around screaming. Yeah, it was pretty cool.

LAUREN: Gosh, Cameron, your shoes sound pretty neat.

CAMERON: Yeah, they're pretty awesome. I was on the phone with Michael Jordan last night, and he wants to buy them off me for like five million dollars. But I told him I can't, since I'll be playing on the Dream Team next summer. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'll make a lot more than five million when I'm on the Dream Team.

LAUREN: Yeah, you're probably right. That's neat you got to talk to Michael Jordan. This morning Mary Kate and Ashley called me up to be in their new mini-series with them.

CAMERON: Really? What's it called?

LAUREN: Called? Oh, um, it's called'uh'Turn'Off'um'the Lightswitch. Yeah, that's it, it's called Turn Off the Lightswitch.

CAMERON: That's cool. Good luck with that, Lauren. Maybe I'll see you on TV next season.

LAUREN: Maybe even sooner than that, with the new polls from Russia...

CAMERON: Russia?

LAUREN: Yeah, Russia is holding a national poll on whether or not I'm the most beautiful woman ever. Who knows how they'll vote?


(enter ALI, with a big grin.)

ALI: Hey guys.


ALI: Hey, I just overheard your conversation, and I must say, I'm pretty amazed. (turns to LAUREN) Lauren, congratulations with your school pictures.

LAUREN: (smiles) Thanks.

ALI:ALI: (sarcastically) I mean, gosh, it's amazing you could get so far with a picture of your dog.(LAUREN drops her head)

CAMERON: (points finger at LAUREN) Busted!

ALI:(turns to CAMERON) And Cameron, your mom told me about your new shoes. That's great you can find such amazing shoes at a yard sale. Congrats, buddy.

LAUREN: (points finger back at CAMERON) Busted!

ALI:(smiles and waves) Well, just thought I'd clear the air for you two. See ya! (exits)

LAUREN: Well, I guess I'll see you around, Cameron. Good luck with the Dream Team. (turns and exits)

CAMERON: (begins to exit, walking backward, in order to shoot back) Yeah, say hi to Mary Kate and Ashley for me! (turns and exits.)

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