Card Tricks

GigglePEDIA There are many card tricks that can be learned by novice for giggles in the party, get togethers or on a stage show. Here we explain some of the easiest along with instructions for what GigglePEDIA found to be the very best and greatest for you. With these card magic tricks, even the kids will be quickly performing magic!!
Card Tricks
The Card Doctor


EFFECT. Using a borrowed pack, if so desired, the performer has a spectator call any number from one to twelve. Dealing fairly to this number the card is shown and initialled by the spectator. Stating that the card is to represent a man who has met with an accident necessitating the removal of one leg, the performer tears a corner from the card and hands it to the spectator to hold. As the story goes, the man has a terrible dream in which he sees himself in many pieces. As he tells this, the performer tears the card into a number of pieces with the face of the card towards the audience. Then into the dream comes a great doctor who covers him with a white sheet, but before anything else can happen, the man wakes up and finds himself still in the hospital, perfectly well except for the missing leg. The corner is then matched to the card by the spectator who identifies his initials.

METHOD. Before starting take the 6, 7 and 8 spots of each suit and put them on the top in any order. Thus the selection must be from one of these cards. Take the card out and, while the spectator initials it, pick up the pack and the cards dealt, pick out a card of the same suit and put it on the bottom. If the chosen card is a 6, you pick a 7; if it is a 7, pick a 6; and if an 8, take a 7. Suppose the 7C is the card selected, put the 6C on the face of the pack and cut same into two parts. Take back the 7C, pick up the original bottom half of the pack and put the 7C at the bottom, i.e. over the 6C, then slide the two cards together about an inch over the end of the pack that is opposite the odd spot of the 7C.

Hold the pack now with its face to the audience, the protruding card seemingly the 7C only. Place the remaining half of the pack in front, timing the patter about the man going into the hospital. Holding the pack firmly, deliberately tear off the index corner of both cards as one. Push out the 7 corner with the thumb and hand it to the spectator, then drop the other corner in your pocket as you take out a rubber band.

Turn the pack face down and apparently withdraw the 7C but with the left forefinger push this card back flush with the pack and draw out the 6C face down and put it on the table. Put the rubber band round the pack and hand it to the spectator. Pick up the card with the fingers covering the missing spot and index corner. As you continue relating the dream, tear it in half, placing the torn corner half in front. Now very openly tear the card several times. It is only necessary to vanish the pieces and the sheet in the dream is represented by your handkerchief which has a dummy packet in one corner. Throw the handkerchief over the pieces and give them to the spectator to hold. Really he gets the dummy packet and you pocket the pieces. Tell the ending of the dream, shake out the handkerchief, the pieces have gone. Riffle the pack at the corner, with the band still round it, stopping at the break and have the spectator remove the restored and marked card from the hospital for identification of the initials and the matching of the corner.

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