Card Tricks

GigglePEDIA There are many card tricks that can be learned by novice for giggles in the party, get togethers or on a stage show. Here we explain some of the easiest along with instructions for what GigglePEDIA found to be the very best and greatest for you. With these card magic tricks, even the kids will be quickly performing magic!!
Card Tricks


EFFECT. A postage stamp is stuck to the face of a card to identify it. Ten cards are placed aside and the chosen card put amongst them. A spectator holds the rest of the pack. Chosen card returns to the pack, leaving ten cards only.

METHOD. Beforehand moisten one end of a stamp and stick it over an end spot of the 3C, the end of the stamp adhering to the card near its end. Put this card on the bottom and the AC at the top. Begin by forcing the AC, cut and bring the 3C back to the bottom and put the pack on the table. Take the chosen card back, face down, show another stamp, moisten it and, at the same time, the tip of the right middle finger; reach under the AC and stick the stamp to its face in exactly the same position as the stamp on the 3C. Show the face of the card to the audience but do not look at it yourself, put it face down on the table and put pack on top of it.

Deal ten cards in a packet to one side from the top of the pack. Draw back the AC on the bottom and draw out the 3C. Drop it on the packet of ten cards. Cut the pack and hand it to be held. Pick up the packet, take the 3C and push it into the middle far enough to hide the end spot, then raise the hands and show the face of the card, it appears to be the stamped AC. As you push it home wet the free end of the stamp and press it back, this will cause the card to stick to the card next above it so that the packet can again be counted as ten and be shown or fanned with impunity.

The A is found in the pack by the spectator.

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