Card Tricks

GigglePEDIA There are many card tricks that can be learned by novice for giggles in the party, get togethers or on a stage show. Here we explain some of the easiest along with instructions for what GigglePEDIA found to be the very best and greatest for you. With these card magic tricks, even the kids will be quickly performing magic!!
Card Tricks
Color Divination


EFFECT. From a face-up borrowed pack a spectator deals the red cards face down on your left hand, the black cards face up on your right hand. Putting the black cards face up on the table, hand him the red ones to shuffle. Write something on a piece of paper, fold it and lay it down. The spectator picks any red card, face down, without looking at it and puts it in the pile of black cards. Fan the black pile and show the card, it is the card whose name you wrote on the slip. The card is replaced in the red packet and the feat is repeated.

METHOD. Count the red cards as they are dealt on your left hand, the twenty-sixth is the one whose name you write on the slip, and as you receive it, slip the tip of your left third finger under it. As you turn to the left to put the black cards on the table, straighten the left fingers, levering the top card upwards, glimpse it, and slide it under the face-up black packet as the hands pass: put that packet down, the added card at the bottom and hand the red cards to be shuffled. Write the name of the card you sighted, fold the slip and lay it down. Turn the black heap face down. The spectator pushes any red card into the black packet, face down without looking at it, as you fan the cards. Make the pass, bringing it to the top, then fan the cards. In the middle will be the card you secretly transferred, whose name is on the slip, but the spectator naturally believes it to be the one he just pushed in. Have the slip read, take the card out and replace it in the red packet. The feat can then be repeated.

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