Card Tricks

GigglePEDIA There are many card tricks that can be learned by novice for giggles in the party, get togethers or on a stage show. Here we explain some of the easiest along with instructions for what GigglePEDIA found to be the very best and greatest for you. With these card magic tricks, even the kids will be quickly performing magic!!
Card Tricks
Find The Queen


THE effect is that four Aces and one Queen are sealed in separate envelopes. These are mixed thoroughly, yet when they are handed to you one by one you tell which contains the Queen.

The secret is very simple. The Aces are placed in the envelopes on their sides, while the Queen is stood upright. Of course this is not done openly. Place the Queen in the envelope in exactly the same way as the others but under cover of the flap turn it upright.

By not announcing what you are going to do the Queen envelope may be handed to you first of all. In which case you say you `willed` the spectator to do that and open the envelope to see if you are right, turning the card lengthwise before bringing it out. The same effect can be obtained if the Queen envelope is handed to you last. In all other cases simply place the envelope to your forehead and announce which one holds the Queen. Camouflage the fact that you get your information by feel.

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