Signs You've Been In DUBLIN Too Long (articles) 1.You say " Grand" all the time.
2.You think of Guinness as if it is the sixth food group.
3.You disagreed with 2. - Guinness is the FIRST food group.
4.You' re pale and white... yet compared to others your suntan looks good.

5.You say " Are you Grand ?" all the time.
6.You say " Isn' t it grand" all the time. 7.You say " That' d be grand" all the time.
8.You can pronounce names like Eoghan, Niamh and Siobhan.
9.You take 4 hours to get home on a Saturday night and think nothing of it.
10 You don' t eat anything cold, uncooked or not resembling meat,bread or potatoes 11.You say " Your man" all the time.
12.You say " Your woman" all the time. 13.You say " It' s grand that your man asked if I' m grand all the time.
14.You find yourself still living with family and having dinners cooked for you by someone' s mammy - at 30.
15.You talk about " dinners" and " mammys" .