Gladiator Feet (game) Get two of your biggest jocks or two girls with perfect hair and makeup and have them come up to battle each other for this game. This is one on one. Guy vs. guy, or girl vs. girl. Each player removes shoes before starting.

The object is that both players have to try and get the others socks off. When one player has successfully removed his opponentís socks, he/she is allowed to tickle their feet (only) for 30 seconds.

Choose another player to challenge the winner (who puts their socks back on), or both players now put on another pair of socks, but the player who won may put on top any remaining socks they have left. Then repeat the game.

You can play four rounds of this and then a final. In the final, players have to put socks on their hands and try to remove their opponents socks by using their bare feet. The winner tickles the loserís feet for 1 minute!

Variation: Blind folding both players