Grand Moo Master (game) Pick 3 contestants out of the audience and send them to another room. You'll bring these contestants back in one at a time, after you explain the game to the audience, saying that when the first two contestants come in everyone has to "moo" at them. When the final person comes in, no one in the audience is to moo. So, as you bring up the first contestant, explain to him or her that someone in the audience has been selected to moo louder than anyone else and it is the contestant's job to pick them out. On the count of three, everyone moos and the contestant selects someone.

It doesn’t matter who they select, because the contestant then joins the audience as you bring in the second, having told the first that he is now the "loud mooer." Repeat the process for the second, having him join the audience, then call in the third. After explaining it again, count to three, and the only people mooing in the audience will be the two previous contestants. Joke’s on them!