Hanging Apple (game) Teamwork counts on this game. Choose 4 or 5 sets of two-person teams. Hang the same mumber of apples (or caramel apples) as teams that you have from the ceiling with a string. Make sure that they are secure. Once you say, "Go!", the two people will try to finish their apple before the other teams. The first team that finishes wins.

The trick is that the apples swing around when you try to bite into them and they can't use their hands, so unless they bite at the exact same time the apple can't even be bitten in to.

An Added Twist by Adam Wormann:
To modify the "Hanging Apple" game, we have someone hold the apple on a string for the person instead of from the ceiling. The person eating the apple is on their knees and blindfolded. Right before you begin, switch the apple for a student who can take a joke with a raw onion. Great reactions.