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GigglePEDIA Bored? Have nothing to do ?? Then you are at right place. Any of the below link will take you a journey of laughter and amusement. We will be adding to and improving this section on a regular basis, so keep coming back. And if you have something funny, please share with everyone.
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Your Office Nick Name

Card Tricks Explained

Meaning of Your Name

Funny Generators

Secret Live Camera in a Shower!

Horror Story Creator

The Kissing Competition

Male Female Competition

Find Your Secret Admirer

Make Motivational Poster!

Crazy Records

Woman Satisfying 12 Men!!(18+)

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Preteen Bitches (18+)

Your Internet Data

Trippy Mirror Hypnotism

Nice Ass (18+ only)

Creat a Ditch Letter


Funny Story Starter

Write Funny Airline Story

Create your own story !

The F Test

Pre-school Bus Test

Hidden Camera in Monitor

World's FUNNIEST Survival Puzzle

Your Funny Story

Do You Love Me?

A Mind Boggling Puzzle

Free Cell Phone Games

Find Your Ideal Job

Your Fortune Teller

Your Feed Back

World's Amazing Painting

Your Lucky Numbers for Lotto

Your Past Life

Calculate Love Compatibility

Slap the Politicians

Draw Your Sketch

Free Exotic Stuff

Amusing Picture Quiz

Guess A Number

GigglePEDIA Idiot Test

Shakespear Insults

Redneck Insults

Insults For Boss

Create Pyramid

Wishing You Happy New Year

Amazing World Clock With Stats

Scale of Our Universe


$2 Clothes Dryer!!

Bull Shit Job Generator

GigglePEDIA Gravity

Intercourse to Climax in 4 hours

Concentration Test

Bubble Sheet Blaster Fun

Your Lucky Stone

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