Your Ideal Job Descriptor

GigglePEDIA Finding the right type of job is difficult for all of us. But many jobs descriptions suit best to some particular names. GigglePEDIA is pleased to offer 'Job Predictor' program to help you or human resource agencies in choosing the 'right' career. Simply enter a name in below box and submit to find the ideal job description for that name. (Also see other Funny Generators!)
Your Ideal Job Descriptor

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Gary   10/14/2019 5:08:43 PM
Hey Gary, GigglePEDIA has predicted the job description best suited as: Computer Nerd

Lora   2/9/2019 3:13:28 AM
Lora = Office numpty

Richard   9/18/2018 10:16:59 PM
Hey Richard, GigglePEDIA has predicted the job description best suited as: Porn Star WTF??????????????

Jenny   12/18/2017 4:32:38 PM
wow I should be supermodel !!

Eri gargar   11/25/2017 8:45:23 PM
My job nursery teacher

Cari   1/15/2017 11:56:07 PM
lol Janitor in a porno theater. Now if lumberjack came up....

Eri GarGar   11/13/2016 10:57:45 AM
My job is Yes Minister. LOL!

Guest   5/20/2016 2:27:07 PM

Devashri, The King   4/13/2016 11:59:43 AM
Devashri = Dietician. As a dietician, I would encourage everyone to eat as much as they want to whenever.

Danielle   9/7/2015 1:32:55 AM
Danielle- church minister

Louise   5/2/2015 3:50:50 AM
Bearded lady in the circus

Ron   2/20/2014 1:51:25 PM
Ron = Brain Surgeon. actually i am general practitioner. very close but not that accurate. not bad at all for me.

Cindy   10/12/2013 3:14:38 PM
Cindy = Royal Executioner. not really but my avatar is sexy :)

Jared   8/20/2013 4:39:11 AM
Gabriel Appleton = Prostitute

Natalka   8/17/2013 5:00:46 AM
Podejrzanie agent nieruchomości, dobra próba, ale jestem biegły rewident.

Fortunato   8/17/2013 4:54:54 AM
Professional ladrão? Boa sorte Eu sou um contador

Ronny   4/14/2013 1:08:51 PM
hey i work as nutritionist, close as dietician. amazing!!

Harry Potter   2/26/2013 12:38:07 AM
Mime Artist

ROse   11/27/2012 5:40:43 PM
A** Modle???!!!!!

George Bush   10/19/2012 7:40:01 PM
Drug Pusher - that was before presidency!!

Prince Harry   8/30/2012 11:00:00 AM
i tried to be 'Experienced Bra Fitter' in a party

Trevor   8/22/2012 10:32:22 AM
Welsh Community Worker I wish I was :)

Sally   7/21/2012 1:16:49 AM
Sally - superhero too

Isadora   7/19/2012 4:03:53 PM
Isadora Martinex- Movie Star

Leonard   4/25/2012 10:33:11 PM
Leonard - Superhero :)

stag leader   4/18/2012 11:36:31 AM
In a land far, far away, IS THAT EVEN A JOB!

Rolando   4/12/2012 9:03:58 PM
gosh, that is amazing, i am working as bartender!!

Sophie   4/6/2012 6:39:24 PM
Rear End of Panto Cow - is it s a job?

Sophie   4/6/2012 6:37:32 PM
Rear End of Panto Cow - is it s a job?

george   1/18/2012 8:57:28 PM
my job does match, so i am happy

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