Kissing Competition

GigglePEDIA To save our planet Earth from the greater sadness, GigglePEDIA is sponsoring a 'Kissing Competition' for men and women. There are scores of prizes to be won from our famous sponsors (see below). Just select your partner here and send your interest to GigglePEDIA and we will arrange everything for you. And please don't forget to spread the word, tell your friends about this competition too!!
Kissing Competition Kissing Competition Conditions:
10 minutes of non-stop French kiss (not just a baby kiss). If you are an adult, you know that...tongue, passion, holding etc.

Prizes to be won:
* $50,000 gift vouchers from top American stores, OR
* 60 Days cruise trip around the world for 2 adults, OR
* 10 Business class trips by any airline, anywhere, OR
* 5 Safari Park trips with 5 star hotel acommodation, OR
* $65,000 donation to any charity of your choice, OR
* $US40,000 in cash money!!

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