Claim Your Pyramid

GigglePEDIA Can you believe you can create a Pyramid and write your name on the stones? Enter your name on a stone to make it happen. And if you are the last one to complete, then that Pyramid belongs to you! Pyramids were not built in a minute, so you will have to wait few minutes to put another stone.

Pyramid:    1   2   3   4   5   6
Pyramid #1 belongs to: Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook
Jackson Myers
Barry Gray
Kyle Turner
Ian Jenkins
Finn Parker
Daniel Torres
Bryan Foster
Dominic Navarro
Robert Rogers
Reagan Scott
Andrew Fisher
Ezekiel Harris
Sebastian Perry
Cameron Bennett
Bob Morris
Zion Clark
Ezekiel Cox
Shannon Bautista
Richard Gagnon
Adonis Gray
Bailey Phillips
Antonio Carter
Aurelio Cote
Carl Santiago
Devin Clark
Brandon Murray
Richard Morales
Bill Nelson
Larry Martin
Levi Murphy
Kevin Harris
Ryan Gagnon
Gabriel Rees
Sean Wood
Jordan Mendoza
Bram Evans
Owen Gray
Gregory Robertson
Joshua Brooks
Ryan Watson
Marcus Robertson
David Reid
Mark Sanchez
Caleb Johnson
James Robertson
Thomas Campbell
Charles Nelson
Juan Young
Samuel Hall
Lorenzo Wilson
Aaron Bennett
Ashton Smith
Cloudy Bautista
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