Claim Your Pyramid

GigglePEDIA Can you believe you can create a Pyramid and write your name on the stones? Enter your name on a stone to make it happen. And if you are the last one to complete, then that Pyramid belongs to you! Pyramids were not built in a minute, so you will have to wait few minutes to put another stone. Go to Pyramid under construction

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Pyramid #4 belongs to: John Cox
John Cox
Bradley Hill
Evan Hall
Samuel Martin
Angel Morgan
Abraham Cox
Eric Wilson
William Evans
Douglas Parker
Samuel Campbell
Seth Reed
Addison Morgan
Landon Roberts
Steven Gray
George Martin
Cole Price
Tyler Lopez
Cody Torres
Thomas King
Edward Scott
Darius Herrera
Jose Sanders
Wangari Morgan
Henry Campbell
Brian Taylor
Dillon Myers
Dale Ross
Aiden Cox
Keith Hill
Blair Wilson
Ethan Sanchez
Max Reed
John Martin
Gregor Carter
Logan Morris
Anthony Salas
Wesley Mendoza
Caleb Cook
Jackson Myers
Barry Gray
Kyle Turner
Ian Jenkins
Finn Parker
Daniel Torres
Bryan Foster
Dominic Navarro
Robert Rogers
Reagan Scott
Andrew Fisher
Ezekiel Harris
Sebastian Perry
Cameron Bennett
Bob Morris
Zion Clark
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