GigglePEDIA These are not 'legal' laws or penal codes of any country but just casual statments which has become law in it-self throughout the world. In modern times, Murphy's laws are well known which symbolize the error-prone nature of people and processes. GigglePEDIA has large collection of these laws from hundreds of authors .
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Cahn's Axiom (Allen's Axiom):
Calkin's Law of Menu Language:
John Cameron's Law:
Camp's Law:
Campbell's Law:
Canada Bill Jones's Motto:
Canada Bill Jones's Supplement:
Cannon's Cogent Comment:
Cannon's Comment:
Carson's Law:
Cartoon Laws:
Cavanaugh's Postulate:
Law of Character and Appearance:
Checkbook Balancer's Law:
Cheops's Law:
Chili Cook's Secret:
Chisholm's Second Law:
Chisholm's Third Law:
Churchill's Commentary on Man:
Ciardi's Poetry Law:
Clarke's First Law:
Clarke's Second Law:
Clarke's Third Law:
Every revolutionary idea -- in Science, Politics, Art or Wha
Clark's First Law of Relativity:
Clark's Law:
Cleveland's Highway Law:
Clopton's Law:
Clyde's Law:
Cohen's Law:
Law of Competition:
Cohn's Law:
Cole's Law:
Mr. Cole's Axiom:
Colson's Law:
Comins's Law:
Committee Rules:
Commoner's Three Laws of Ecology:
Law of Computability:
Law of Computability Applied to Social Science:
Laws of computer programming:
First Maxim of Computers:
Connolly's Law of Cost Control:
Connolly's Rule for Political Incumbents:
Conrad's Conundrum:
Considine's Law:
Conway's Law #1:
Cooke's Law:
Cook's Law:
Coolidge's Immutable Observation:
Cooper's Law:
Cooper's Metalaw:
Mr. Cooper's Law:
Corcoroni's Laws of Bus Transportation:
Cornuelle's Law:
Corry's Law:
Courtois's Rule:
Crane's Law (Friedman's Reiteration):
Mark Miller's Exception to Crane's Law:
Crane's Rule:
Cripp's Law:
Cropp's Law:
Culshaw's First Principle of Recorded Sound:
Cutler Webster's Law:
Czecinski's Conclusion:
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