GigglePEDIA These are not 'legal' laws or penal codes of any country but just casual statments which has become law in it-self throughout the world. In modern times, Murphy's laws are well known which symbolize the error-prone nature of people and processes. GigglePEDIA has large collection of these laws from hundreds of authors .
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Gadarene Swine Law:
Galbraith's Law of Political Wisdom:
Galbraith's Law of Prominence:
Gallois's Revelation:
Laws of Gardening:
Gardner's Rule of Society:
Gerrold's Fundamental Truth:
Gerrold's Law:
Gerrold's Pronouncement:
Gerrold's Laws of Infernal Dynamics:
Gerrold's Laws of Infernal Dynamics:
Getty's Reminder:
Gibb's Law:
Gilb's Laws of Unreliability (see also Troutman's Laws of Co
Gilmer's Motto for Political Leadership:
Ginsberg's Theorem (Generalized Laws of Thermodynamics):
Ehrman's Commentary on Ginberg's Theorem:
Every major philosophy that attempts to make life seem meani
Glatum's Law of Materialistic Acquisitiveness:
Godin's Law:
Golden Principle:
The Golden Rule of Arts and Sciences:
(Bill) Gold's Law:
(Vic) Gold's Law:
Goldwyn's Law of Contracts:
Golub's Laws of Computerdom:
The 19 Rules for good Riting:
Goodfader's Law:
Gordon's First Law:
Professor Gordon's Rule of Evolving Bryophytic Systems:
Goulden's Axiom of the Bouncing Can:
Goulden's Law of Jury Watching:
Graditor's Laws:
Gray's Law of Bilateral Asymmetry in Networks:
Gray's Law of Programming:
Rule of the Great:
Greenberg's First Law of Influence:
Greener's Law:
Greenhaus's Summation:
Gresham's Law:
Grosch's Law:
Gross's Law:
Gummidge's Law:
Gumperson's Law:
Gumperson's Proof:
Guthman's Law of Media:
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