GigglePEDIA These are not 'legal' laws or penal codes of any country but just casual statments which has become law in it-self throughout the world. In modern times, Murphy's laws are well known which symbolize the error-prone nature of people and processes. GigglePEDIA has large collection of these laws from hundreds of authors .
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Law of Wealth:
Law of Wisdom:
Waddell's Law of Equipment Failure:
Waffle's Law:
Wain's Conclusion:
Walinsky's Law:
Walinsky's First Law of Political Campaigns:
Walker's Law:
Wallace's Observation:
Walters's Law of Management:
Washington's Law:
Watson's Law:
Rule of the Way Out:
Weaver's Law:
Weber-Fechner Law:
Weidner's Queries:
Weiler's Law:
Weinberg's Law:
Weisman's Law of Examinations:
Wells's Law:
Westheimer's Rule:
Whispered Rule:
White Flag Principle:
White's Chappaquiddick Theorem:
White's Observations of Committee Operation:
White's Statement:
Owen's Comment on White's Statement:
Byrd's Addition to Owen's Comment on White's Statement:
Whole Picture Principle:
Wicker's Law:
Wilcox's Law:
Williams and Holland's Law:
Will's Rule of Informed Citizenship:
Flip Wilson's Law:
Wilson's Law of Demographics:
Wingo's Axiom:
First Law of Wing-Walking:
Witten's Law:
Wober's SNIDE Rule (Satisfied Needs Incite Demand Excesses):
Wolf's Law (An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World):
Wolf's Law of Decision-Making:
Wolf's Law of History Lessons:
Wolf's Law of Management:
Wolf's Law of Meetings:
Wolf's Law of Planning:
Wolf's Law of Tactics:
Woltman's Law:
Woman's Equation:
Wood's Law:
Woods's Incomplete Maxims:
Woods's Laws of Procrastination:
Woodward's Law:
Worker's Dilemma Law (Management's Put-Down Law):
Wynne's Law:
Wyszkowski's Theorem:
Wyszowski's First Law:
Wyszkowski's Second Law:
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