Hose-Head (game) Bring 2 people up front. Get a pair of women's size small thigh-high panty hose.
(Or just cut the legs from a regular pair.)

Put a tennis ball in the end of each one all the way at the toe end. Have the contestants put the panty hose over their head and face (w/ ball dangling in front). They bend over and start swinging their panty hose and ball. Then they try to use their swinging hose to catch the other swinging hose and pull it off the other person's head.

The first one to pull it off their opponents head is the winner. They can run around or whatever trying to keep it on their head.

As always, use caution and safety. Make it a rule that if their hose hits the other person or wraps around the other person, they lose. (You don't want them wrapping hose around necks, heads, etc.) You might want to offer eye protection as well.

Another option is to do this with about 6-10 people.